Team Experience

The senior management team of LynxOr Global bring together individuals with extensive experience in the fields of international trade, foreign direct investment, trade association and partner negotiations, political engagement (national, regional and local), global scientific experience (with a leaning towards physics, space technology and advanced technologies), logistics support and a the full suite of corporate financing.

Over the last ten years, the accomplishments of our management team include:

  • International investor readiness activities via project management of multiple bi-lateral investment preparation missions. 
  • Multiple Transatlantic Trade Missions between the United Kingdom & Canada. 
  • Foreign direct investment projects between multiple Commonwealth counties including the United Kingdom, Canada, Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand.
  • International client attraction projects in multiple Commonwealth Countries. 
  • Capital raising activities resulting in multiple projects and / or companies securing expansion capital (up to the high 7- figures ).
  • Management and business growth consultancy to companies in multiple Commonwealth countries. 
  • Corporate governance advisory to companies in many Commonwealth countries, including The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Australia. 
  • International negotiations between both corporate and governmental stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth to advance client objectives. 
  • Organisation of national events within business and / or political engagement.
  • Multiple government and political engagement projects on behalf of private industry and foreign entities.

Our management team have been published a significant number of times in learned journals as well as international press (including the BBC, The Daily Express, The Spectator, London Live, Yahoo News, International Business News and France 24). 

Understanding that connections are the key ingredient of our ability to advance the objectives of our clients, our management team are active within the areas of business, sector specific organisations, politically and ambassadorial level events in the UK and the USA. 

Our management team strongly believe in community engagement and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves within the Commonwealth of Nations. For their commitment to philanthropy they have had their service recognised my multiple nations.