Business Services

Market Research and Entry

The decision to enter a new market is often challenging, and you need the right approach to ensure that this labour-intensive and often costly exercise delivers the returns you expect.

On-the-Ground Set-Up and Support

When making the move into a new market, it pays to have the right team by your side, and even in a digital age, there is no substitute for support on-the-ground.

Government Support and Grants

Governments offer support services, subject to terms, which enable individual businesses to increase their export marketing.

Business financing

Numerous business financing options are available to new and established businesses, but the process of securing such financing is often complex and uncertain.

Partner attraction

Wherever you are based across the UK or the USA, we will use our extensive network of contacts to connect you with trusted local partners who can provide essential business support services, including accountants, lawyers, banks, providers of finance, professional service providers etc.

Marketing support

Without a substantiated and well-executed marketing campaign, even the most robust business plans are liable to fail. The ability to reach large numbers of prospective clients and engage them in a targeted manner is essential to the success of any business.