Business financing

Numerous business financing options are available to new and established businesses, but the process of securing such financing is often complex and uncertain.

Securing the business financing package that best suits your specific needs can provide your business with the cash injection, grant funding or tax credit structure which allows you to invest in growth, research and development. 

LynxOr America will take the time to fully understand your business objectives, recommend available financing options and support you through the application and approval process. While we can provide potential funding options for your consideration, we don’t provide advice on which you should proceed – that is an internal business decision, we just ensure you have the suite of options available to make the best decision for your business. We are experienced in supporting the acquisition of business financing through a range of avenues, including:

  • Equity funding through our network of connections
  • Corporate financing through our extensive network of contacts
  • Export finance connections
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Research and development funding